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Meet Our Residents

On our farm, we have a delightful mix of animals that make our days vibrant and lively. Our gentle sheep graze peacefully, their soft woolly coats a testament to the changing seasons. The loyal and hardworking donkeys, with their charming brays, often keep an eye out for the entire brood. Chickens are always bustling about, pecking and clucking, while our playful kitties prowl and purr, always ready for a quick cuddle. The spirited goats often entertain with their antics, whereas our single pig, with its curious snout, never fails to amuse. Our ducks, with their quacks and splashes, love their pond time, and the elegant alpaca, with its long neck and curious gaze, adds a touch of exotic allure to our diverse family. Together, they all paint a picture of rural harmony.

Come visit our farm

At our farm, we love our animals! We take pride in taking the best care of them and providing them with a safe, comfortable, and stimulating environment. Each of our animals has its own unique and fun personality. From our donkeys and sheep, to our chickens and goats, our animals are sure to bring a smile to your face. Book a farm tour today to come by and meet them. You can even take a selfie with your favorite furry friend! Get ready for a fun and memorable experience.

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