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About the Farm

Cedar Gate Farm, a cherished historical site in Denville, NJ, has been a beacon of family-run farming since its foundation in 1904. Maintaining a legacy of traditional farming, our farm offers an array of delightful products including handmade woolen items, locally harvested honey, fresh eggs, home-crafted jams, artisanal sourdough, and a rich variety of produce. But our farm is more than its products; it's a hub for family fun and learning. Embrace the charm of rural living and the sense of community at Cedar Gate Farm, where the historic spirit and the joy of farm-to-table experiences are alive and thriving.

Found in 1903

Cedar Gate Farm, located at 102-104 Parks Road, has a rich history dating back to 1903 when Frederick Eugene Parks and his wife Anna Amelia Hulbert Parks purchased the sixty-acre property. Initially, the farm included a small house and lacked running water, relying on a well and an outhouse. Through the years, it saw many expansions and renovations, including the construction of barns and a water system sourced from a nearby spring, which also refrigerated the farm's dairy produce.

Frederick and Anna’s children, Eva Mae Parks and Raymond Parks, inherited the farm, with Eva eventually moving back to the farm in the 1940s. The farm, primarily a dairy business, also diversified into fruit cultivation and poultry farming. Several buildings were added over time, including the house at 102 Parks Road, initially intended for farm help but later becoming a rental property.

Eva Mae Parks Clark, daughter of Frederick and Anna, married James Hamilton Clark II and had four children, all of whom contributed to the farm and served in the military during World War II. Post-war, the farm continued its operations with various activities, including running a day camp and a public swimming pool, Silver Brook Pond, which was popular until the 1980s.

The story of Cedar Gate Farm is not just about the land and its buildings, but also about the people who lived and worked there, contributing to its history and legacy through civic engagement, public service, and stewardship of the land. Despite challenges and changes, Cedar Gate Farm stands as a testament to the resilience and dedication of the family who has maintained it for over a century.

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Renovated in 2017

In 2017, an inspiring chapter unfolded for Cedar Gate Farm with the arrival of Fred and Larysa Breem, who purchased the property. Their vision and dedication were immediately apparent as they embarked on a substantial project to revitalize the historic farm. Meticulously, they began by fixing up the old structures, infusing new life and purpose into every corner of the farm.


Their renovation work was comprehensive and thoughtful. The couple introduced new stables, reflecting both functionality and the rustic charm intrinsic to the farm’s character. They didn't stop there; understanding the importance of boundary and safety in farming, they also added extensive, robust fencing around the property. Recognizing the need for a variety of farm animals, they not only housed goats and chickens but also introduced sheep, diversifying the farm’s livestock and enhancing the pastoral ambiance.

Their hard work and passion transformed the farm into a rejuvenated landmark, brimming with life and activity. This revival of Cedar Gate Farm's spirit and structure represented more than just a renovation; it was a loving tribute to the land and its history.

Cultivated in 2022

In 2022, Cedar Gate Farm found new stewards in the Clendennen family, who quickly set about evolving the farm into a dynamic agricultural hub. Committed to expanding its scope, they've already introduced additional livestock, bringing more life and diversity to the farm. Alongside this, the Clendennen's are focusing on enhancing educational offerings, aiming to turn the farm into a thriving center for learning and community engagement.

Their additions to the farm store significantly widen the range of products available, showcasing fresh, locally sourced produce and unique farm-made items. As the current owners, the Clendennens are passionate about their role and the farm's future. "There are so many things we have planned for Cedar Gate," they share enthusiastically, signaling their dedication to not only maintain but also enrich the farm's legacy and its connection with the community. Their vision and energy mark a promising new chapter in the history of Cedar Gate Farm.

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